Sunday, November 6, 2016

Politics ARGH....State Questions????

I really hate politics. I just want the two sides to honestly lay out what they are selling and then just let us make a decision. With the Presidential Election throwing around so much negativity, we don't even know what our State Questions mean.

There is so much negativity. When we are teaching our children about our most important right of this country...The Right To Vote...all they see is a bunch of adults acting like neanderthals. I started to say children, but our children may be immature, they are not cruel, nasty people. They have to be feeling the effects of all the stress that this election is bringing to their parents, grandparents, teachers...well all the adults in their lives. But enough about the negativity and visceral that surrounds our elections.

The media doesn't think that we are smart enough to look at the issues and make up our own minds. They prejudice the news that they are suppose to be reporting. When this happens, it brings out the worst in all of the candidates. And the candidates play right into that. They in return quit focusing on the issues. We get no real answers on how they will lead our country. I just want it all to stop,

Now having gotten that rant out of my system, I want to say how confused I am about our State Questions. I know I am not informed enough to vote on State Question 777. I also want to say that the people that is most affected by this law are the farmers. So my questions are what percentage of the population are farmers? Why would the rest of the State even know how this affects their lives and businesses. Wouldn't this question be left up to them?  I hope that they know what is best for the state. I want to do best for those that would be affected.I think the rest of the questions, I can make a good choice. It's just this one that I am worried that my vote will not be the right one.

Did I say that I hate politics? Well I hope everyone of you get out and vote. Do what ever you can to make the best decisions for you and your family! Don't forget that it is your right and it is completely anonymous. It is also your right not to tell anyone the way you voted. In fact, it is considered rude to ask someone how they voted.   

Friday, May 20, 2016


Friends are how we get through every day of every year. God puts people in our lives whenever he sees a need for them. Sometimes they are there to comfort us and support us. Sometimes they are there to teach us life lessons. He places them in our lives for however long we need them. Some friends are life long and others move through for just a quick minute.

I have been blessed with every kind of friend. Although those that are here for just a quick minute, doesn't mean you lose them. It just means that they have come through and made an impact on our lives and then they move on. Life gets busy and you lose touch. You will never forget them or what they taught you or gave you. They stay in a special place in our hearts and heads and we will remember them when we need to.

One of my friends from work is moving on. She and her family are able to move to the next place in their life journey. Moving home close to their family will truly be a blessing and I am so happy for them. I have to ask myself what God had planned when he put her here for me. I think I know the reason. She has taught me that life is not that perfect square box that we think it is. That thinking outside the corners or under the floor, is okay. I tend to be judgemental and closed minded. She has given me many things that caused me to grow as a person. I am sure that I still don't understand all that God had planned. There will be times in my life that I will be faced with a decision to make and her words will be remembered.

She has also given me support and encouragement when I have needed it. She has shown me how to love by her actions. This is God's plan. The way we live our lives when we don't know anyone is watching. Well, that is what we should strive for.

We don't speak every day and our lives outside of school never cross. But I consider her my friend and hope that she knows how much I love her and how much she will be missed.
I am still hoping for an orthopedic High Heel club so I can join. I want some Cheerleader red lipstick that doesn't come off all day.... I hope her and Brock enjoy raising those two beautiful baby girls on the farm.

I will miss you  Amanda Puffett. I would say some great quote from Star Wars or Harry Potter, but I can't think of any...

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Breastfeeding in Public: My opinion

I support breastfeeding. I believe its pros far outweigh the cons It is natural and so healthy for the baby and mama also.

I believe that employers should step up and make it easier for their employees. I encourage businesses to reach out to Moms and give them a place of comfort and privacy to nourish their babies.
Nothing is more precious than the mom and baby bonding when feeding.  Even in nature, we find that nursing babies; ponies, puppies, kittens. Well, it is a sweet and awesome moment.

Breastfeeding is not simple and as easy as some make it look. In the beginning, it is painful. Even if you do the things your doctor tells you about toughing up your nipples, it still hurts. Your breast becomes engorged with fluid and they become hot to touch. And then if your sweet little baby can latch on. OWE....but when you get settled in and your sweet little baby latches on and his little soft lips begin to suck...Your heart grows so big. You bond with your baby.
Of course there are babies that won't latch on and no matter how hard you try, it just doesn't happen. So you are forced to pump. Now pumping is not so bad. There is times when it is necessary. This allows a mother to be away from her baby for longer periods of time. But going back to one of the grandson would not take a bottle. We tried every kind on the market. We tried boob bottles and every nipple we could find. This is discouraging, because as much as you love that sweet little baby, everyone needs a short break. Even if it is just a trip to the grocery store alone. Or maybe that night out to a movie or dinner.  Feeding a baby the breast is much more time consuming. And while you would love to sit and feed your baby all day, the reality is life goes on and Mama is needed elsewhere. I have so much respect for the moms that can breastfeed their baby and make it seem easy.

Now here comes the but.... I do think that it is a beautiful thing, but I really don't want to see the actual full on view. I think that with everything else, modesty is not a bad thing. I don't want to see women's breast uncovered for any reason. I am not a prude...just like to keep some things private. I think there is always a way that you can feed your baby in public and yet use discretion. A soft blanket or cover can keep mom discreet and more people less offended.

But the bottom line, is that it is a choice that a mother has to make. I don't feel like life is going to be ruined if we see a woman feeding her baby. I admire her for what she does. But I. will turn away if she chooses not to be discreet. And don't go all righteous on me if I don't like it.  I was offended to see the baby sitting on Mom's lap on Santa's lap. But I am a big girl and I can pull my panties on....but I did not like it. I did not think it was cute and I don't think it sent a good statement for women wanting respect for breastfeeding their babies in public.

Everyone has the right to choose what is Right for them, and everyone has a right to like it or not. That is what makes this the best country in the world to live in, I am sure that some will agree with me and some will not. That's ok.

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