Saturday, October 12, 2013

In Memory of Megan

It has been a year since God took Megan home. In her memory, I am reposting my blog from a year ago. I think of her often. I know she runs with the angels, sings in God's choir and I hope in her spare time she looks down on earth and watches over her family and those of us that love her so much. Thank you God for sharing her with me even the short time I knew her.

Today we will celebrate Megan's life. It was a short life filled with many challenges. I was blessed that she touched my life these past 3 years. This goes along with the saying that people come in and out of your life for a purpose, a reason. Finding the reason and enjoying the blessings is the secret to God's plan.

Last Friday, the strings that held Megan to this world were cut.The strings fell away and with them all the pain, all the uncertainties, everything that held her back these past 16 years. When God presented her with her wings, the mountains were not too high and the impossible became possible. Her legs are straight and strong. Her eyes can see every color of the rainbow. Her ears can hear every whisper that the butterfly's wings make. Her voice rings out strong and loud as she sings with the angels.

Although the strings that bound her here to this earth are gone, the strings that hold her in our hearts are as strong as ever. These strings made of gold holds her here in our hearts forever. She will never be forgotten. Our hearts will be filled with love and sorrow that she is no longer here with us. Of course we know that she now she flies with the Angels, however there is that selfish part of us that will never understand why she had to leave this earth so soon.

I would say Rest in Peace Megan, but I cannot imagine that you will be resting. I see you running, laughing, and enjoying the perfection that God has granted you now.

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