Monday, January 9, 2012

My 100th Post

I was looking at my stats on my blog and realized I had 99 post. I can't remember writing 100 blogs, but I will go with this. They might be counting the ones I wrote for the mobile phone company as well. But just for fun, I am going with this is my 100th.

So what do you write about on such a memorable blog. Well, I think I will write about my one obsession of the past few years. The Twilight Saga. I know that it didn't really begin as a saga and for me, it almost didn't happen at all. A brief recount of how it all started for me. Twilight, my granddaughter who was in the 7th grade was reading it. Vampires? Yuck! All the kids in school were reading it, teachers were reading it. Well not me, I don't read about Vampires... And so the summer came and my friend brought me the first two books. She said "Read these, you won't believe how good they are. They aren't what you think they are." Well because I had pushed some of my favorite books on her, I had to at least try. I really didn't know anything about them. I had no idea that there was a movie out either. Was I living in a cave? The first book did start out a little slow and I struggled to make it through the first few chapters ....and then almost like I 'Imprinted' lol on this book. I was hooked. I could not wait to read the second. I was staying up all night reading. It had been a long time since that had happened. Then I read "New Moon". Oh my I cried through the whole book. I couldn't wait to read "Eclipse". And then I wouldn't read "Breaking Dawn" until I was sure that Edward wasn't leaving again. This all happened the summer between the time they filmed "New Moon" and "Eclipse". So if you didn't live in the Twilight world, you still didn't realize what a big deal it was. I read all 4 books before I watched the first movie. Really, I was able to read the books with a fresh unbiased mindset.

Now when I first saw "Twilight" I cried and complained and compared the the two. Book against movie. I was not satisfied with the movie...And yet I watched more than a few times. Waited not so patiently for the release of "New Moon"... And again, I complained and compared the Two...Book-Movie. Was not satisfied. I promise. If you  don't believe me, ask anyone who knows me. Then the same with "Eclipse"... They just didn't capture what I read and loved from the books....We had to wait over a year for "Breaking Dawn prt 1" to come out.

I haven't written about this yet. I loved it. Finally what we had waited finally happened. The words in the book on the big Screen. Was it exactly the way it happened in the book. NO, but it was close enough there are no complaints. I have read the reviews, and I think the bad reviews came from the people who didn't read the books. Reading the books, you knew and got more meaning from this movie. If you didn't read the books and felt lost...well pick up the book and you will see what I mean.

I think that Stephenie Meyer being a co-producer, had a lot to do with the way the movie was written. The book is split into 3 parts. Bella's, Jacob's and then Bella's. Jacob's book was written in his POV. Most of this was in his head and speaking to the wolves with their Wolfy Mind Thingy....So showing this in the movie was hard, but I think they did a very good job with it. While they showed Jacob growing and his agony, they didn't show the humor. There was a lot of that in the book. Jacob dealing with the agony of loving Bella and hating the Cullens and Bella for what was happening. There was the way Jacob felt and dealt with Edward and Rosalie.  There was a new understanding for Carlisle, Esme and Alice.

In the book, the pack never showed up to destroy Bella or Renesme. There was not a fight. Leah leaving her pack and standing with Jacob even though she too hated the Cullens. The reason why they hated the Cullens. I just don't think the movie showed all of these elements.

However, those that read the books just once probably didn't get all of that out of them either. I did say obsession, Right? And we had our own little Book Club here....I couldn't suffer all this obsession alone, could I? No, my daughter and daughter in law also suffered with me. We have read and reread, and analyzed and watched the movies. We probably know more about the characters than Stephenie does. Well of course that is not true, but it could be. I would love for her to come and analyze them with us. She might learn something about her vampires...Just kidding.

Well I should have warned you all that this was going to be long. However I haven't written about my obsession in a very long time and didn't know that I was until my fingers started typing. The "Breaking Dawn Prt 1" DVD will be out on February 11, 2012. I can't wait to watch it over and over so I can complain and compare. Book and Movie..

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