Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Breastfeeding in Public: My opinion

I support breastfeeding. I believe its pros far outweigh the cons It is natural and so healthy for the baby and mama also.

I believe that employers should step up and make it easier for their employees. I encourage businesses to reach out to Moms and give them a place of comfort and privacy to nourish their babies.
Nothing is more precious than the mom and baby bonding when feeding.  Even in nature, we find that nursing babies; ponies, puppies, kittens. Well, it is a sweet and awesome moment.

Breastfeeding is not simple and as easy as some make it look. In the beginning, it is painful. Even if you do the things your doctor tells you about toughing up your nipples, it still hurts. Your breast becomes engorged with fluid and they become hot to touch. And then if your sweet little baby can latch on. OWE....but when you get settled in and your sweet little baby latches on and his little soft lips begin to suck...Your heart grows so big. You bond with your baby.
Of course there are babies that won't latch on and no matter how hard you try, it just doesn't happen. So you are forced to pump. Now pumping is not so bad. There is times when it is necessary. This allows a mother to be away from her baby for longer periods of time. But going back to one of the cons...my grandson would not take a bottle. We tried every kind on the market. We tried boob bottles and every nipple we could find. This is discouraging, because as much as you love that sweet little baby, everyone needs a short break. Even if it is just a trip to the grocery store alone. Or maybe that night out to a movie or dinner.  Feeding a baby the breast is much more time consuming. And while you would love to sit and feed your baby all day, the reality is life goes on and Mama is needed elsewhere. I have so much respect for the moms that can breastfeed their baby and make it seem easy.

Now here comes the but.... I do think that it is a beautiful thing, but I really don't want to see the actual full on view. I think that with everything else, modesty is not a bad thing. I don't want to see women's breast uncovered for any reason. I am not a prude...just like to keep some things private. I think there is always a way that you can feed your baby in public and yet use discretion. A soft blanket or cover can keep mom discreet and more people less offended.

But the bottom line, is that it is a choice that a mother has to make. I don't feel like life is going to be ruined if we see a woman feeding her baby. I admire her for what she does. But I. will turn away if she chooses not to be discreet. And don't go all righteous on me if I don't like it.  I was offended to see the baby sitting on Mom's lap on Santa's lap. But I am a big girl and I can pull my panties on....but I did not like it. I did not think it was cute and I don't think it sent a good statement for women wanting respect for breastfeeding their babies in public.

Everyone has the right to choose what is Right for them, and everyone has a right to like it or not. That is what makes this the best country in the world to live in, I am sure that some will agree with me and some will not. That's ok.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Christmas Repost

A repost from Dec 2012

Here it is Dec 2. Just 23 more days until Christmas. This is definitely my favorite time of the year. I just wish I could somehow figure out how to slow it down. It seems we are so busy living life, working, taking care of children, or going to school. We have a busy regular life and then we have to  squeeze in so much Christmas in 25 days. Is it any wonder why we try so hard to begin earlier and earlier each year?

For the retailers, we know that they are trying to squeeze every last dime from us to make all their numbers come out in black and staying out of the red. Christmas trees in stores in September before Halloween decorations, they do have an agenda. Have you ever noticed how they begin to play reruns of Christmas movies in the heat of summer? Hmmm...I don't think it is an accident. They play on all those warm and fuzzy feelings that we all get this time of the year.

That is just it...we all play right into that. It is such a magical time of the year, full of love and good will...we crave it.. we all want it. It is magical and it does bring out the best in almost everyone. Of course I know that it isn't wonderful for every one. There are still the lonely and homeless. Those that are sick and dying. People without family that love them. Children that still go to bed hungry. But the fact is everyone wants to make a difference. Just like the Grinch found out..Christmas comes no matter what. We all want a part of making it happen..It makes our heart grow so many sizes...just like the Grinch's did.

Everyone wants to reach out and help. People say "excuse me","Thank You", and "Please".  You see people reaching deeper into their pockets to help their neighbors and even strangers. This is the one time of the year that people give of themselves with no other thought but to help.  And it makes us feel so good. There is no other time of the year that people are more generous and giving. I just wish that we could keep Christmas in our hearts a little longer.

I know that God gave us his son on that first Christmas so many many years ago. Jesus was the ultimate gift. I can only imagine God's warm and fuzzy feelings for giving such a perfect gift. This is the reason for the season. And even when we get caught up in the commercialism of it all... I honestly believe that most every person knows that giving is better than receiving. The gift of giving is one that God has passed down to us. Learning to stretch that feeling throughout the year, would be a gift into itself.

So once again this year I will be trying to enjoy all 25 days.  I want to feel Christmas every day of the month. It seems I am not very good at it, because it is always over way too soon..But I will try. :)

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Teachers repost

It has been 8 years since i began my journey  and new cqreer in education. I still love every minute of it. I love all my students and the faculty. I have made wonderful friends that i consider extended  family. Facebook reminded me of this post 5 years ago. And now I am a part of the faculty and still having fun. I want to repost this from 5 years ago..

You know that this makes the 3rd year that I have been substituting at my old Junior High. I never knew how much I would love this kind of work. It just suits me. I think that sometimes the different seasons of your life dictate of where you should be. The problem with that is I never prepared to be a teacher. For that reason, I take the lower pay and only do this part time. Most of the students love me and that is important. What I cannot get over is how the faculty and administrators treat me. I feel Golden and that doesn't mean in years. I am treated with so much respect and appreciation. They do not understand that I feel privileged to stand in for those that give so much.

I blame my danged old condition preventing me from continuing my education so that I can stand amongst the heroes that are called "Teachers". I know that I am not stupid, and eventually I might make it through. But now that I am 53, by the time I would graduate, if I could find a job, I would not be able to enjoy the kids but for a few years. You don't understand, I would have to go to remedial college before I could start real classes. So I get the best next thing. I get to share. Share the fun of being in these kids lives, possibly making a difference without all the baggage. I get to have the fun without the junk. I get to leave the paper work and administrative duties to the teachers. I don't have to deal with the parents and administrators.

I hope to make a difference and shine a light into that student that might be struggling. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a child believe that I believe in him or her. You can just tell sometimes when you make a connection. You know that teachers need more money. But now I understand why they are still working without that raise. It comes from the heart.

I also get the opportunity to work side by side with the teachers. When I am working for a Para, that means I am in class with the real Teacher. I try to take away something from each opportunity I get. Thank you for giving me so much as you do your job.

A few more weeks of working in the severely handicapped class, and then I am back out in the general population. I love all sides of this job. So it doesn't matter which class I work in. But I do like to mix it up. To see the kids in different dynamics. Most of the teachers only see them in one situation. How they behave in their classes could be different depending on the mix of children in that hour. Is it before or after lunch? Do they love math, or is it their Achilles Heel? Maybe reading is where they shine. For me I see them differently on a daily basis.

So I will continue, for as long as they let me, to come in and enjoy these wonderful kids. Hopefully they won't realize I am not "Golden" for as long as I want to be there. 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Father's Day

Happy Father's day to all those Dad's out there. I have written about my dad and will probably repeat it to honor him tomorrow. But I think I want to honor some other fathers in my life.

My son...He has 5 children and he is the most awesome Dad I know. Watching him love his kids is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. From the very first time he held Ryan in his arms you could see he was going to be great. He has always been a big boy, but his heart is bigger.

 I don't know many men that are as sensitive as he is. When he was a teenager, one of his favorite movies was "The Phantom Of The Opera". I know that isn't normal. I know too many boys. About this same time, he was planning what he wanted to do with his life. I can remember when I ask him what he wanted to be...what was he going to do with his life. His answer was "I just want to be a Dad."

Wendy met him when she was a junior in high school and he was a senior. She knew right away that she wanted him to be her husband. This is in the day and age when kids were not getting married right out of high school anymore. But they fell deeply in love and there was no talking them out of it.
Right away they had their first baby. Then number 2, 3 4, and 5. After 4 boys, Wendy finally got her baby girl. This is funny as Lloyd never wanted a girl. He always said they were nothing but trouble.

Now she has him wrapped around her little finger as most little girls do. She is all ribbons and bows, but she will drop kick you where it hurts. If anyone ever hurts that beautiful little girl, just pity the poor fool.

They have 3 boys on the Autism Spectrum. This is a challenge as well as a blessing. Wendy and Lloyd make a perfect team. I know that it isn't an easy life, however they make it look easy. Watching my son love his children is one of my greatest joys. He learned about being a dad from his own dad and his Pa. This is a testament of their love for him.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mother's Day or Money Day?

Once again it is nearing another one of those "made up for money" holidays. We call it Mother's Day. Hallmark and Teleflora calls it Cha Ching! We have been urged, pushed and shamed to shower our mothers with gifts. We have been made to believe that if we love our mother, we must spend lots of money to honor her.

 I don't need another knick knack, plaque, trophy. I don't need them to spend their money to buy me a bouquet of flowers. I would rather them spend that money on my grandchildren or themselves. My children honor me every single day. Each day they use compassion for a stranger or someone with less, they honor me. The love that they raise their children with, that honor's me. I can see that they are raising their children to be respectful and compassionate, they honor me. When I see the loving, caring parent that they have become, I am honored.

So this Mother's Day, I hope they save their money. If they want to "honor" me this day, an "I love you" and a hug will be enough. 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

A brand new year to begin again, to start over, a new slate to write a different story. We sent out report cards on Friday. The new semester started and I told my students "You have a brand new fresh start. Everyone is on even ground and there are no zeros or missing work". Of course you hope that they embrace new goals and strive to meet them.

We talk about our resolutions for the new year. Some people make the same ones over and over. Some of us choose not to make resolutions because we feel we are setting ourselves up for failure.
If you have ever heard of Self Fulfilling Prophecy then you might understand what they mean. We learned about this in a leadership class that I took.  

Self Fulfilling Prophecy is a way of looking at yourself and making a prediction of an outcome and then acting in ways that the prediction will come true. An example would be if you were required to take a class for school or work. You feel as if you are no good in this particular subject and you know that you are not going to pass. You begin to act in ways that will sabotage your efforts to pass the class. You tell yourself that you cannot learn this subject and your study habits will suffer. You dwell on the negative and you talk yourself into to failing. 

This term was made by a sociologist in 1948 by  Robert K. Merton. He also said that a teacher influences a student by their perception of that student. If the teacher perceives the student as an over achiever, he might provide studies that will guide that student in a positive direction. If the teacher perceives the student as lazy, they might not give them the attention that they give another student. This in turn will allow the student to get by without trying.

I know I have thought about this before, but like lots of my resolutions I have let them go and failed. So this year, I think I will give this Self Fulfilling Prophecy thing another go. I am going to look back on my last few years, write down some goals and practice some positive thoughts on how to achieve them. I want my students to believe in themselves. Why should I settle for less from myself?

One of my goals is to get back to writing. I enjoy writing down my thoughts, but for some reason it has been very easy to just not do it. So here it is January 11, 2015 and this is my first blog of the new year.

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