Thursday, January 16, 2014

Kelsie, Another Angel

 The last post I made was in memory of our sweet Megan. She lost her battle at such a young age, but the battle she fought was long and tough. Today I write about another one of our angels that God shared with me. Kelsie Apple.

Kelsie had a head full of curls and rosy cheeks. She couldn't speak or see, but she always let us know that she was in the room. It was hard to know what she was thinking, however she responded to music and being read to.

It seems that when people don't know what to say, they say "She's better off now. She is not in pain any more".  Words that are suppose to make you feel better. In Kelsie's case these words mean so much. She is free of her chair now. Her eyes can see the rainbows and all of God's Kingdom.  She is running free of all the handicaps life had given her. I imagine that she and Megan are catching up. Megan is showing her all the wonders and they are lifting their voices singing with the angels.Her brand new Angel Wings will let them soar. There are  no selfish thoughts wishing that she were still on earth. We know without a doubt she is now whole. Will she be missed? Absolutely! The comfort of knowing that God is taking care of her now and that she is truly amazing keeps us strong in our faith.

I thank God for blessing me with my angels and the time he put them in my life. I know that it is not long enough, but there are always reasons why he places them here. My prayers are with her family tonight. I pray that God will bless and heal them.

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