Friday, October 26, 2012

Cons of Being a Member of The Big Foot Family

Yesterday I went shopping for shoes. I know that I tried at least 20 pairs. After putting on everything from heels to tennis shoes, I learned something I didn't know. My left foot is bigger than my right! This would probably not be such a big deal if my feet were a size 10 or below. You ask Why? I know you can't wait for the answer. For some reason, if you are a woman, they do not make half sizes in shoes over size 10. Does your feet ever stop growing? I am worried since I heard that they DO NOT.

I come from a family of Big Foots. My mother said that her Daddy always said she had a lot of "Under Standing". Well I could do with a little less. My Dad's foot wasn't that big. He was over 6 ft tall and had a 10 1/2 shoe. And although my Mom always thought she had a big foot in size 10, she doesn't hold a candle to my daughter. She wears a size 13. You probably didn't know they made size 13 shoes for women. Well the fact of the matter, they don't make very many.  Until recently, you couldn't get shoes over a size 10 at any of the department stores. Now you can get size 11 at Walmart and Target, but not all shoes there come in size 11. If you wear 11 1/2 forget about it. Payless Shoes have been selling size 12 for sometime and recently began selling size 13. Not very many styles and of course no half sizes for these bigger shoes. 

Yesterday, I found some really cute heels at Payless. I tried on a size 11 on my right foot. I walked around trying to convince myself that it was just a little snug, and since the size 12 would not stay on my foot at all, I really had no choice. So I tried on the left one. Well guess what...Nope, It really squeezed my foot and guess what...the size 12 was still too big on it. Can you see I am frustrated? I usually have to buy men's athletic shoes which make my feet look like boats... Well you could probably argue that my feet always look like boats. Well let's just say this. Regular women shoes make my feet look like a row boat...Men's athletic shoes...NOAH'S ARK!!!

Do you think I am all alone in the quest for affordable fashionable shoes that will fit members of the Big Foot Family? Do you know know that once I googled Transvestite shoes. And yes, you can find some very large shoes. Still don't think that they come in half sizes.

I finally found a pair of plaid canvas shoes at Target in size 11 that I can squeeze into. Then at Walmart I bought a pair of black women's size 11 Dr. Scholl's shoes that are very light weight and stretch just a little. I think I can make them work for me...with out too much pain.  I wore them today and am thinking very seriously about buying a white pair as well. I haven't given up on the heels that I tried on at Payless. I will just go to another store and buy them in a size 12...and try to keep them on my feet. Maybe some Velcro will do the trick.

I haven't completely given up on the idea of finding some Vampire Venom. Hey, if it can get rid of a few wrinkles and help my arthritic joints, I am sure it can help my Big Foot Syndrome as well.

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