Saturday, April 11, 2009

Another Saturday Morning

Good Morning and Happy Easter Eve,
We were up early today as we got a call from the Feed The Children to help out distributing food and supplies for those that lost everything in the wildfires on Thursday. Our MotorCycle association is "Star Touring and Riding". Our mission statement basically says that we will promote safe riding and a great relationship between riders and law enforcement, general public, and so forth. It is a family oriented group and our sanctioned rides and events are appropriate for all ages from children to old folks...Here is the website of our Chapter ...STAR 378

When Mike and I were looking for a group to ride with, he did a lot of studying on line to find a group like this. We were interested in joining a group that stood for or did something to help people. This group just fit us and all the members are like one big family. There is always someone ready and willing to help when one of our members is in need.

So we got up about 6:30 this morning and got ready to ride. We met up with our group and headed on over to the church where the truck was being unloaded. It was short notice and I don't know if the word got out that we were going to be there or not. When Mike and I left, no one had shown up yet to receive the boxes. I hope that word did get out.

Oh and one other thing...Jerry Jones, who is the founder of Feed the Children, was there in person to meet and encourage those that receive the blessing that God had provided.
I have seen him out on mission like this twice. If you have never met him, you have to know that what you see is what you get. He is kind and compassionate and always thankful to those that help.

I have to work on the computer sometime today. I also have chores to I have to get ready for the Easter Rabbit to come...He is going to have to hide eggs inside the house this year as it is suppose to rain all day tomorrow and be sort of cold. I know that the gkids want to come to Grandmas...but I have to tell you, when there is no way for them to get outside...Oh goodness it will be so busy and noisy...

Well here is a Happy Easter to you all. May you have sunshine and warm weather...not in Oklahoma though...

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