Saturday, January 1, 2011


I have always been saddend by the changing of the years. It has often triggered bouts of depression. This year I am trying to do the right things to make sure that doesn't happen.

A student where I work made a statement on Facebook. He said "2011 sucks already". You should know that he is very negative and finds pleasure in being negative and causing havoc everywhere he goes. Of course, these kids know I am going to give my opinion on there comments. If they don't want me to comment, then don't say stupid stuff, or don't ask me to be their friend. And yes, I had something to say.

Many times when I start writing, I realize and learn things about myself. Like I said, I am trying to Not fall into the Depression Pit this year. I remember learning about Self Fulfilling Prophecy. Everyone doesn't believe and appreciate this as being a true phenomenon. I do however believe it's true.

As I was telling him how that kind of thinking would insure that his 2011 would suck it occurred to me that I was guilty of the same.

Just because it has always made me sad, doesn't mean this year is the same. I know there are things I do not have control over. I do have control over how I think. I can decide to think positive and not sabotage my own destiny with negativity.

So for today, 1-1-11, I am going to say "Believing that a new year has to be sad is not an option. Believing that I am going to have an awesome year, is the only option I am giving myself."
Life With Cindy in 2011 will be exciting and full of "I cans".

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