Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Things To Do Before I am 18 or Before I Die

My 14 year old Granddaughter posted this statement or question on Facebook. Well of course I answered it. It went something like this.... I think the Before I turn 18 ship has already sailed. That is if you don't count my backwards birthdays. So basically, this would be my "Bucket List".

Things to do before I die.
I want to fly. Preferably in a plane or better yet, a Hot Air Balloon.But sometimes I dream that I can fly without any assistance. Yes, I probably am crazy. You can ask my husband and kids to verify that. I have often thought of sky diving. I would have to have someone to push me out of the plane and I think it would hurt my feet and legs to land. I definitely want to fly. Maybe God will give me Angel Wings when I die.

Walk...There are many places I would like to walk. The Red Carpet all glammed out. Smiling at the cameras,feeling good about myself. Walking there might mean that I actually got to act in a movie, even if it was a little bitty part. Just so that I might have the opportunity to be involved in that kind of work. I know this doesn't make sense. Lately I have been wanting to see and watch and even have my hand in making a movie. I could just be that proverbial fly. Does that sound stupid? I digress. I would love to walk along every coastline in the US...but why stop there..how about the world. Does your bucket list have to be reasonable, or can it be made up of dreams? Since it belongs to me, I figure I can make it anything
I want.

Play...the piano. Not pound out notes that I can read, that taught myself. And everyone covering their ears yelling "Mom,STOP" or "Dear, plug the headphones in". My sweet husband gave the piano as a Christmas/Anniversary gift. This was several years ago. I have to say that this was my favorite gift ever. To sit down and create beautiful music.....wow.
Play....to learn to play and enjoy life without any guilt or fear. Sometimes we worry too much about what others think. When laughter and joy is what we need.

Now here comes a biggie....Write....I touched on this before..I want to put words on paper that someone wants to read. They really don't have to pay me money, but of course that would be nice. When I was younger, I would say the words, "I want to be a writer" Somewhere alongside the way, I figured out that it was work. I also realized that I lacked the Education. When I started working at the school, I began to believe it was possible. With this new thing called Blogs, I started writing about stuff that happened in my life and in life in general. I also applied for and got writing jobs. I met a very nice man from the UK. He helped me and critiqued my work. His constructive criticism encouraged me to keep trying. I tried not to negatively effect his company. I think more than anything, he gave me the confidence to keep trying.
Another person that has been a inspiration to me is Diane Chamberlain. She is an author with many books in print. Recently she has made the next step in technology and began to make her books electronic with EBooks.
Now that I have rambled forever, I should get back to the point. Okay, if you didn't get this before, I want to be a writer.

You know that there is so much on my Bucket List, I could write all day and night and still think of more. How will I ever get it done in my lifetime? Even if I have 50 more years and everyone of those I was healthy, I don't know how I could finish. Of course that would mean not adding anymore to the list.

I finished my Facebook comment by mentioning the Vampire Venom. If you ever follow me, you know that is my own personal joke. With my Twilight Saga obsession, I decided that a little venom could get rid of wrinkles, gray hair and arthritis. It is an interesting thought to live forever. I know that spiritually I will have everlasting life. So anything I infer about Vampires and Werewolves is strictly make-believe.

I began 2011 with a resolution to NOT sabotage my life with Self Fulfilling Prophecies. I think if I believe I can and will do them...then of course it's possible. All I have to do is see myself doing them.

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