Thursday, August 2, 2012

Twilight Fantasy: Kirsten Stewart, Tom and Katie, Princess Di are Real Life

Actually this isn't a post so much about Twilight as it is about the people in Hollywood. With the break up of Tom and Katie and the leaked indiscretion of Kristen Stewart and all the other lives of our favorite actors, actresses, singers, and ect. It is getting on my last good nerve.

 Some people think that it is our "Right" to know everything about them. That somehow they OWE it to us..that their entire lives should somehow be an open book. But their lives are full of family and friends and all the things that make life LIFE. For them, their private lives are almost an open book. And all the magazines and news programs really make it their business to know everything about them...just to sell more news and magazines. No one should be on "the Job" 24 hours/7 days a week...but it seems they can't go outside and have an ice cream cone, or tie their shoe without someone snapping a picture.  And of course if they don't cooperate with all this press stuff, the Paparazzi will just make it up. Well some of them do that anyway. 

Tom and them...or hate them...or just plain don't care...Well there is a little girl that is only 6 years old and all she knows, is her world is upside down. And no matter how normal they try to make it for her...Well the normal part is...Her Mommy and Daddy don't live together anymore..and at least one of them is really sad. All of the money in the world is not going to make that go away. And people sit with cameras like vultures just to get a glimpse of one of these individuals...They snap a picture of every smile, tear, gesture that they make. They make up stories of what each movement made means. And while you may be able to keep this baby away from the so called truth, one day she will be able to read it...and even if there isn't one bit of truth in it, it will hurt her...That is the real life that this baby girl will live. Even though both of the adults in this story are older, they still have hearts and they still hurt and they still should be able to go through this ordeal left alone. Telling the story if they want...or not if they don't.. If we have to know..this deep burning need to know everything...hanging on to every word and wanting to it even really matters to us...please just give us the basic TRUTH... Not what you think will sell more papers, magazines or what ever.

Kristen Stewart never wanted anyone to know her personal life. We begged her to let us in. Just give us a yes or no. And she said it doesn't matter what she says, it isn't enough. Now that we know, do we have a right to judge her. What ever happened with her and Rupert Sanders..what ever happened ...guess what? It is none of our business. We don't have the right to know. Leave them alone. If you have experienced any kind of life at all, you know that life hurts sometimes. Life and the lessons we learn, are not always pleasant.  Once again, there are children and families that are being torn apart. We don't have to know. The adults in this real life drama..they are hurting. Two of the individuals came forward and publicly apologized. Why should they have to go to the public and apologize for something that happened in private? It is nobody's business but theirs.

And it happens all the time. I know that in my life, there are bunches of stuff I wouldn't want everyone to know. Should we take out an Ad and publicly apologize because we are having problems in our marriage. If we have a fight, should we put a picture of it on the cover of the newspaper. When we make mistakes and fall down...When our family is hurting by the consequences of those mistakes...should our children have to read it in the paper.

Oh and all these sources close to the individuals that can't wait to tell what they know...They should get new friends..or family. I have a few close friends that I would confide in..but if they are going to spill all our beans, they wouldn't be my friend very long. And of course everyone wants to believe all these good friends of theirs. I am sorry, but I have absolutely no respect for these "Sources". I sure to heck don't believe them. I am just as curious as the next person, but we don't have to know. We will live even if we don't have every stinking detail.

Whatever happens and however it falls out on the other side, the people involved will have a hard road ahead. It will be relived over and over again in the news and in the magazines. Forgiveness is hard enough..And for them to move on together or apart..they will have to forgive...The endless questions they will have to answer. I expect I would react exactly the same and hide. And sometimes running is very dangerous. I remember 2 young Princes... The press would not leave their mother alone. They chased her, wrote about her, made her cry ...until one day they chased her off the wall...and no one, not even the King's men...They couldn't put her together again.

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