Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Can you believe it is already February! I have a real bone to pick with the ground hog! How dare he see his shadow. I am so ready for winter to be over and it is only half way over.
Hey I did see a Robin on Monday, so even though the ground hog saw his shadow, the robin spit in his to speak.

Over Spring Break, we are going down to the Hill Country of Texas. Hopefully it will be warm and not too crowed as I am sure everyone else has the same idea...GET

My FM has been flaring, but onward I go...However, I woke up Monday and my left foot was hurting so badly, I almost went to the ER just to get a shot...Then I started running a temperature. I went to the doctor yesterday and he xrayed my foot and even though it is swollen and red, there was nothing wrong with it. He said I did have a slight infection and gave me an antibiotic. I think I must have had this infection for sometime as I have been running off and on for awhile. The foot problem was just coincidental. You know in fact, I was complaining of waking up at night with sweats for about a year now. Probably I have had a low grade infection all along. I told my Rheumatologist's PA and she decided it was menopausal...hmmm.
I just think I have been having night sweats...

Teaching Geography today and thought I would pass some time writing in my blog...
Here is hoping we see a lot more Robins and less cold temperatures.

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