Monday, March 2, 2009

March 2

Good Morning, It is freezing here today, but temps are suppose to go up up up! In the 80s by the end of the week...But of course our heater went out this I have the burners on the stove lit right now..I know, that is a no no...but I am cold. And there are no small children around.

I have not felt well for a long time now. I run a low grade fever for a few days, then it will spike, then it will go away. I have been to the doctor twice in the past month. He now has me on two antibiotics...And I am so so tired...but I know that is the FM talking. You know how you go along and push yourself and the fatigue just comes on slowly until you find it hard to get out of bed, but it hurts too bad to stay in. Well, that is where I am right eyes are red and puffy and they hurt too...
Did I tell you this is a whine fest. I am just so tired of feeling like this. And I know there is a reason I am on SSDI...But for the life of me, I keep lying to myself. That is why I continue to work part time. I enjoy it so much, but it is not being nice to me.

I could just lay down and sleep all I cannot sleep like that, but if I could..oh it would feel so good...

I am also so angry...with the economy, with the politics, with all that I cannot change but is eating me from the inside...
And if that isn't enough... Those Crazy people from the Westboro Church out of Kansas has decided that God Hates Our HIGH SCHOOL..
They will be protesting outside our High School today and spewing out words that God Hates our Children here...What kind of nonsense is that???
I believe that people have a free will and choice about how they worship God. But to stand outside and tell our teenagers that God hates them is just a little bit more than I am willing to accept. It is bad enough that these people show up at times where we are mourning our family members, but to come out and tell Children that God hates them...I cannot accept that.
I am just so tired and I know that God does get angry with us, but he loves us...

Okay I guess that I have whined enough today...hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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