Saturday, August 15, 2009

Baby Dalilah

Well today or tomorrow, our brand new grand daughter Dalilah will make her debut. I think her name is going to be Dalilah as now after 9 months, they have been acting like switching it...But I don't think Big Brothers will let that happen...

She is going to be absolutely gorgeous. My other two grand daughters are, and I know she will be too....Wendy has the olive skin, Black eyes and hair...My son is dark, with black hair that curls...oh and eyes that are dark as well....Her older brother had the most beautiful curls...We had to cut them, but we won't ever have to cut Dalilahs. Now if the eye thingy skips a couple of generations, my grand daughter may have the sky blue eyes that my mom and grandmother had...or she could have the very green eyes my dad had...One thing we know for sure, she is going to be one of the most spoiled and loved baby girls in the world.

She will be one of the most frilly dressed girls in the world. Let us hope she takes to it...I told Wendy that I use to dress Tamara in Jingle Bell Dresses and Bows too... Now look...And our little Katie, she would rather play in mud than eat...So Enjoy it while you can Wendy as the girls in our family don't really go for all that Satin and

She is already so loved...We pray that she is healthy and God blesses her with his love.
We pray that Autism will not be her cross to bear...but either way...her life will always be touched by it...So for today...Let us rejoice that God has given us this gift to care for him on this earth.

Wendy, enjoy your baby girl as you have your other children.

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