Sunday, October 11, 2009

Feeling a little anxious

I am feeling a little anxious that our favorite saga right now may never get finished with the same characters that started. I am afraid we will have to have a new "Bella" and "Edward"....The CRAZY Fans are making these young stars lives impossible. I am sure they appreciate the fans when the fans behave themselves, however, I am sure they wish about now that they could just do some of that shape shifting and become someone else for a while. Heck it is dangerous to say the least. Mobs screaming and following them...What do you expect to find when you get close enough to them to see them. A nice quite chit chat, or what????IT drives me crazy.

It creates all kinds of excitement. I hope that they have people in their lives that can give them guidance and counseling to make it out to the other side. I am sure they have lost their patience about a year ago. And all of this excitement and "S%$5" roles down hill. So everyone connected to this couple of kids gets the back draft of the Fire that burns.

I seem to blame it all on the Fans, but in reality the fuel that flames the fire is the Paparazzi. I know they need to make a living, but I think that these folks that you seem to intruding on their lives would make themselves much more open if you all could just back off. Take the shots they give you. There are days we all wish that nobody sees us. I know it aggravates me the no end when I decide I can run to the grocery store in my rag muffin clothes looking like bum. Trying not to look up so no one will recognize me. Of course you always run into someone you haven't seen in a long time, probably the last time you saw them, you decided to run to the store real quick while looking like a rag muffin.

I have an idea Rob and Kris and the whole gang....Everyone go out to Esme's Island and shoot the whole Breaking Dawn there. Don't allow anyone else in or out and give them that well deserved working vacation while they wind this down...And then maybe, they could just catch the next space shuttle and spend some time on the space station until after Breaking Dawn is done and over...Perhaps the Paparazzi will try to catch up with you all in a special space ship and get lost...LOST IN SPACE....Or as long as we are role playing here, lets get the Evil Twins from the Volturi and sic them on the Paparazzi....Let Alec deem them blind and helpless while little Miss Jane has them screaming for
Ah just had to throw that one in there...

Hang in there Kids...

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