Saturday, October 3, 2009

Oct 3rd is a Very Special Day

Today is the birthday of my 2nd grandson.... Ryan David Kenneth Mathis...
He is an awesome person. I have met 8 of the most wonderful awesome people in the world. Ryan is my 3rd grandchild, and I met him on October 3, 2000. He came into this world at a whopping 10lbs and 4 ounces. He was almost 2 ft long at 23".

I didn't get the chance to finish this yesterday as all the Gkids came over to celebrate Ryan's birthday. He is such an awesome kid. I will tell you this, you cannot spend the day with him and not love him. You will learn a lot of life lessons when you are with him also. The way he sees the world is such a blessing. You never know how he will be affected by what is going on around him. He takes things so literally. I hope he never loses this ability to see the world differently even though I want him to be successful in the real world.

He has written me 3 comic books. I now have 3 never before published "Captain UnderPants" comic books. I don't think that the real author of these would mind one bit if they met Ryan. I don't think they would make a fuss about copy write infringement. He illustrates each one with complete with pictures and dialogue.

If Ryan was in charge of the world, he would be so honest it would hurt or just be funny. He doesn't understand that when he opens his mouth to make a statement about someone, that they should be hurt or angered by what he says. If a person is fat, he says so. He doesn't say it to be mean. He is just stating a fact. This is the easiest way to describe it. Most grownups that have been fortunate to meet him feel the same as I do. They love his frankness as well as his curiosity.

Of all my gkids with Autism, he shows the least signs although who he is , is defined by the Autism. I hope that he would be the same unique and awesome individual with out the handicap he has been given.

If you are lucky, someday you will meet my Ryan. He would enrich your life in ways you never knew possible.

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