Friday, May 21, 2010


I suppose you have probably heard of those little computer like books. Sort of like an I-Pad except that it isn't. It isn't really a book. It is actually a reader...An E-Reader.

I was at the doctor's office this week, and I witnessed a woman with a device in her hand that looked to be the size of half a sheet of paper. So being the bold and chatty person I have become, I asked her if it was an I-Pad. That is when I got my first look at the e-reader. I couldn't believe how really awesome it was. You can carry your entire library around in your purse. She got so excited telling me about it. I am putting that on my Birthday/Christmas wish list right now. If they hear it enough, maybe they will take a hint.

I got a touch phone around Christmas. And I really wanted a laptop, so I just put the Internet on my phone. So I sit in my chair and surf the net while watching tv. My husband just shakes his head. For Mother's Day I got a laptop from my children. Now I sit in my chair and play on my laptop, Twitter on my phone and watch tv. I am really driving my husband crazy now. But that is my job after all. Isn't it always our jobs to drive men crazy. I have a theory about that. I will have to make a separate post about that. In fact, I can't believe I haven't already. Well maybe I have, better look before I start blabbing about it. 

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