Friday, May 14, 2010

May 14

Just thought that I would ramble a little this evening. We are getting to ready to go and see my newest, dearest and closest friend Russel Crowe in "Robin Hood". He is my new friend on Twitter, so I know we are going to be close. LoL..You wish that you could just introduce your self and say "Hi". But I know that isn't going to happen and the fact that you answer them and ask them questions like they are listening, well I guess that makes you a stalker. The internet surely has made stalking easier.LOL

I really enjoyed Kevin Costner as Robin Hood, but I imagine that Russel is going to make Robin a bit more to the actual Robin Hood. Would it not be cool to get to play dress up and Robin Hood like we did when we were kids. Have kids forgotten how to play? Remember when we were kids and we would act out these movies. I know that some of my grandkids do, however, most kids don't seem interested. Maybe the ones that do are going to be actors. I could live with that. Anything to get to the red carpet. To glam out for one night. Heck Tamara said that she might get an audition over at the Yellow Rose Theater and I am begging her to let me audition to....

Only 7 more school days...I am sad about that. My 8th graders are getting ready to move on to the high school..I will miss them. Maybe next year I will have to sub over there for a day or two...Now that I have two 8th grade classes that have moved on I will have a chance to see some of my students. Wow I didn't know I would love teaching so much.

Moving on, I got laptop for Mother's Day. My wonderful kids did that for me. Now I haven't got any more excuses for not writing my book. So I have to get busy now. I am going to take a creative writing class at the vo-tech. Well, I will probably take a composition class and a writing class. So that these thoughts I have can be written down in a way that people can actually read and understand.

If my daughter in-law can go to school with all those kids, surely I can take two classes.
Do you think that I can take them online? I will look that up.

Well I am going to try and enjoy the rain and stay dry. There is surely a lot I can do inside if I want to work.

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