Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Day Our World Changed 9/11/2001

This was a day that our life as we knew it ended. Our whole beings were shook to the core the day we realized that we were not "safe". We were made aware that there was indeed this much hate in the world. More hate than most of us could ever think possible.
And that hate was aimed at our nation. The nation we were so proud of. Our God was literally under attack. And that hate washed over us and made us think of things we possibly had never thought of before. Anger, hate, helplessness, fear, pain, thoughts of the most horrific revenge.

As we watched over and over that day, the planes slamming into the buildings, and watched it live, people throwing themselves from the windows to their death. The fear of burning to death, sent them to a quicker release from fear and pain. The we stopped thinking and we were numb as the media kept these pictures in our thoughts. I cannot imagine how those people at ground zero were coping with the terror. Watching and waiting and looking for loved ones that would never come home.

Our nation stood up that day together to pick up the pieces and somehow go on with our lives. We have tried to understand how someone could hate us so. We had to look at ourselves with different eyes to see how we got here. If somehow it was our fault.
Of course it is not our fault that people Hate.
We had to learn hard lessons on diversity and what that really means.The "Constitution of the United States" was written for every citizen without prejudice of their beliefs. "Our Nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all" means just that.

We must never forget the day America was attacked. We must remember those that died because of hate. Learn that we have to be diligent in watching out for those that would cause us harm.
And remember that hate breeds hate and it has to stop with us. I pray that God will take hate from our hearts and let there be peace.

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