Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Obsessions and Time

My Obsessions maybe small in numbers, however, that doesn't mean they are small by any means. It is that time of year again that my Birthday comes along and I begin to dwell on TIME again. I figure that I am not the only one that feels this way, but no one seems to ever really want to discuss it with me.  I mean some things you have in common with friends, you hash and rehash over and over. I can't get anyone to talk about this. Does no one else care?

This past two years I have expanded my appreciation for music. I went from listening to mainly the softer rock of my youth, to country, to oldies, to easy listening.  Eventually I quit listening. Music was painful. I don't know why. Somewhere, somehow when I became aware of my other obsession that we will revisit a little later, I began to listen again. And it was during this year that I began to work at the school with 7th and 8th graders. Possibly hanging with younger kids at this point in my life, opened my mind and heart to changes.  So now I love "The Script" "One Republic" "Five For Fighting" "Train" "Lifehouse" my favorite idol, "David Cook" "Cold Play" "Katy Perry" "Linkin Park" Some other bands that played on soundtracks from "my other obsession"

"Five For Fighting" sings a song "100 years". I had never listened to the words..But somehow they seem to express my twisted up and strange feelings about time. Anna is 15 this year, and I want to say "Listen Sweetie, see how time doesn't stand still and while your wishing you were older, getting there is the fun part. Once the journey gets you there, you realize It is the Journey. There is not enough time when you reach that important milestone to sit back and just be it...I just thought of something...remember when you get a brand new hair cut. And it really isn't what you want, it is always a little too short. Two weeks later, it has grown, you have learned to style it and finally ..finally, There it is. what you wanted in the first place...Perfect...Well for one week if you are lucky... you are a master at styling it and it just looks great...And you go to bed one night and wake up the next day, getting ready for work or school. And guess what...extremely "Bad Hair Day" number 1 and ok...tomorrow will be better...Nope Really Bad Hair day number 2.  What happened to perfect hair...and you realize that moment has come and gone. Well this is how the time in our lives pass.

As the song "100 Years" goes... Your 15 for a moment.... And you still have time. You  got 100 years to go. Well that seems so long.... As the song goes, 55 and half your life your getting wise and then your 67... Well my dad lived to be 67. Seems old when you are  15...but at 55 or in my case 54...67 is only 13 years...and my Lilly girl would only be 15 years if I went then...

I watched a trailer for a movie tonight...realized that the idea would make a great book that I wish I had written. But then...I am sure the book is already written and so there I go again...wasting time while others are writing my books. I digress... The movies concept from how I saw it was that No one ever aged over 25 years old. Now just because you didn't age, didn't mean you wouldn't die. You were allotted so much time, and I guess you had to buy time literally. The plot it seems is that a rich man that had lived 100 years...ironic huh, was tired of living. He was willing to trade it to another man that wasn't rich and was having trouble buying his time. I think this is a very good story. I wonder if taking some of that idea and putting it on my own story would be plagiarism. I mean there are a bunch of stories out there with some common story lines, that are different. It sounds like a great subject for me to write about. Time....

I feel like I am rambling again, so here other obsession...hmmmph..Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. I should say part 1, but the fact is, it is just one book and since the books are my real obsession,  and the actors and movies come in a close second, Don't get me wrong I love my actors and the way they play the characters is really awesome. What I have trouble with is .....the screen play...but we have to take what they give us. If Stephenie had written the script...well it would have to be better. Here is hoping that she had more say in these last two movies...Time shouldn't be a problem since it is two movies. Also...another one of my pet peeves about the movie. Through out the books, when ever Bella was upset, tired , or restless....Edward would sing, hum or play her lullaby. Now I am guessing the reason it was left out of the last two movies, was because of 1. Legal reasons....some sort of copyright contract thingy...or just the directors and Melissa being stupid. ..But now that we have the original composer from the first movie as well as Stephenie being one of the producers and being on location...Well you know...and I am crossing my fingers and toes..

Well I am truly rambling now and so I am going to end this very long blog. Have a great end to your weekend.

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