Friday, August 12, 2011

This HOT Summer

I cannot believe that we go back to school in just 6 days and how we did nothing all summer except try and stay cool. Not very successfully I might add. If you have lived in this heat wave, you know exactly what I mean. We are closing in on breaking the record for the Hottest Summer on Record. 1980 holds that record right now, but we are very near to shattering it. Closing on the record 50 100+ days we have gotten some relief this past week. The drought rages on, but we are getting some rain and this has cooled temps down below the 100's that have become common. As we have acclimated to the mid and high 100's, 98 to 102 seems to be "cool". Our morning temps have dipped below 80 and the 70's seem quite cool, almost cold.

So many people have to work outdoors in this extreme heat. It has been dangerous. I am blessed that I have a cool place to live. My ac has been working hard, but we have stayed cool. With the heat and drought, wild fires have been plenty. Those working to keep our state safe have given so much.

Then we have to remember that while it is hot here, our Troops in Irag and Afghanistan are enduring much harsher conditions. While they are there serving our Country and doing the job we have asked them to do, they have no relief. Sort of puts all this in some kind of perspective, huh.
So bring on the rest of the 100's and let's break this record we have been fighting for. September is not far away and hopefully it will bring some wonderful weather with lots of rain  just in time for the Fair...

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