Friday, September 14, 2012

What a great show..Thank you TRAIN

I haven't seen that many concerts, but I have seen good ones, bad ones and some GREAT ones. Tonight we went to the "OKC Zoo Amphitheater" and stood in the rain to see "TRAIN". This is one of the very best shows I have been to.

When you buy a ticket to see a concert, you never know. I mean you have an expectation, but you never know. One person I saw in concert back in the day when he was very popular gave the worst concert I have ever seen. To say I was disappointed is a huge understatement. I think it rates up there with finding out that Santa Clause isn't a real person. He acted like he didn't even know where he was or even care. It would have been better if he had just called in sick.

But tonight, in the rain, Pat and his crew put on the best show. He made it feel like he was the privileged one. He made us feel as if There was no other place in the world he wanted to be but here in the rain, performing for us. He got off of the stage and got wet with us. He took video of the audience watching him. He took phones from people in the audience and took pictures of himself. He took pictures of himself with the owners of the phone. As the audience reacts and responds to his concert, he watches. At the end, he pulls 2 kids(12 or 13) up on stage and gives them a guitar that is signed by the band. He does this at every concert.

So to you, Pat and your band, thank you for a wonderful evening. And thank your appreciating us like you thought our TIME meant something to you.

If you ever have a chance to see their concert... Jump on it. You won't be disappointed, even if you have to sit in the rain...and you don't get a t shirt, or get on stage or get a soccer ball.

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