Monday, January 12, 2009

Good Morning or Goodnight

Depending on what your view is, it is either way too early or way too late.
Here I am sitting here writing in my blog on a computer that belongs to our friend.
He has a laptop that he got the virus from heck on and brought it down here to us to wipe out and reinstall...and he just keeps leaving it here, and I thought it would be great if I could just try it out and see if I would really enjoy a laptop or not. Right now I think I would. I am going to ask him if I can bring it to our next Star Meeting as I am the Secretary and it would probably be alot easier for me to type the minutes rather than write them. I can type pretty darn fast. I wouldn't have to use correct spelling as I could aslways go back and correct that. But if it is already on my computer, I probably would get our minutes done really fast and then Fred might not fire me as secretary. Not that I get paid to do this, but that is cool..Heck it is not a real job.
My real job is substituting at school. I love that.

If I could take a typing test, I think I could type about 50 wpm.
That isn't too bad. My trouble is with my eyes. They dry out and then I am in big trouble when I have to blink. The same thing happens when I am trying to play the piano. When I blink, I lose my place. I am not very good at playing the piano, but I can play a little. I love it.
That was the best gift I ever ever got...
Well I know that this blog is more about rambling than anything else. Maybe tomorrow or later today I can come back and write some good stuff. I would love to write a book, but I have no talent in that area either...
Have a great day...
Talk to you all later...

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