Monday, January 5, 2009

Our New President and Politics

I just want to say first I am a Republican. I think I have spoken about that before, but I will say it again. Am I a rich I'd say I am not even a rich middle class person, more toward the other end I think.
So shouldn't I be a Democrat? I don't know..I don't think so. I think I am one of those that believe that we should work hard for what we have...And if there are those a lot richer than us, oh well...we do not owe everyone a piece of the pie especially if they haven't helped bake it.
But I do think we should help those that need help. Should the richest people in America pay so that all of us can have? No...
Maybe I want my cake and the frosting and lick the bowl and eat the cake too...if you know what I mean.
But I am a Republican as I am more conservative in my way of thinking..For the first time I just saw a clip of Uncle Ray tells the news...And I have to say it laughs at all of us and explains things pretty well.
However...laughing and jokes and oh mys aside, We have a new President. He is not a Republican, but I wish he were. I would have voted for him.
I see what he wants to do...I hear how he wants to do it, and it soundssssssssss real good.
I just don't know how we are going to pay for it.
And the media and the so called experts throw all this stuff out there for us and I imagine about 75% of us don't have a clue. I am not a politician, I don't have a clue about National Security, how the CIA or SS or FBI is run. I don't know about spy's or none of this...But I have to sleep at night and so we, like our fathers before us vote into office the people we think can best protect us. And like our fathers before us we don't know what makes the world tick...We go to work, we pay our bills, some of us vote and we go home and expect to wake up the next morning and do it all again...So when President elect??? Why do we say that...President Obama tells us he is picking Leon Panetta to head the CIA, I haven't any special qualifications or knowledge that tells me if he is the right person for the job....And most of my friends and relatives are the same.
I wonder what percentage of Americans are really qualified to have a real sense of knowing if this man is the right one.
I have a lot of questions for our new President, but I know that I will not be the one asking him? Heck if I get a signed form letter from him, that is as close to him as I will ever get. Short of writing my congressman or senator, and actually getting a real word to them, He will not hear my voice. Or know my opinion.
Do I think torturing prisoners is right???? Well certainly terrorist should not have the same rights as a person who steals bread for his family to eat. Terrorist should have no rights. There only purpose on this earth is to terrify and destroy my life and that of my family and country.
And this goes for the home made terrorist as well as the foreign ones..This also goes for the gangs that go after innocent people.
So when the Presidential Candidate says...Those days are over, and we won't be torturing prisoners, will the President say the same, or when the intelligence comes to him with photos of children with their heads blown off, will he think the same way. If it was his daughter's, do you think he would feel the same.
I know I am getting way off topic here, and I know that articulation is not my strong point..darn it... but I just want to say that I know I don't have all the information to make the decisions that a President has to make. And I know that I don't know all that I need to know when our leaders make those hard decisions. The ones that are not popular with the people. I also know that real life is not a tv show...and that some of the stuff we see is way overboard and some of it is not as ugly as real life.
I am glad I don't have to make the hard decisions...but I hope that my leaders will have the strength and the wisdom to make those decisions for me...and that tonight when I go to sleep, I can expect to wake up in the same warm, safe bed I was in the night before...Unless of Course God comes back...What a Glorious day that will be!!!! But for now we have to pray that God will give our leaders direction and pray that he is not too pissssssssed at us for all the Hell we have brought on ourselves...

I wish for just now, the press would shut up...and just report the news and not tell us why they think that what they are reporting should be different. You know what I mean??? I don't mean that I have anything against the reporters, I do have a problem with the networks trying to tell us what we should believe... The reporters report what they know, and then we get expert opinions from all these people who are not even part of the decision making anymore. Heck it could be the son of the housekeeper of the last senator's secretary's spouse...
And they ask for their opinion...
Okay I am off of my soap box now...How I wish I could be on the View with the ladies one day...
I have a lot to say...

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