Monday, September 21, 2009

Peter Facinelli And Twittering

Peter Facinelli is now my friend...Whoo hoo...Yeah right...I am just learning how to do this Twittering thing. I mean, I have had an account for a while, but really never did anything with it...Then as my obsession with anything Twilight, I ran across the fact that some of the people that are part of my obsession have Twitter accounts, and they sometime post pics, it led me down the path of the whole Twitter thing. I have heard that it can be addicting, but I am not worried...I do not have an addictive personality...Those that are closest in my life know I haven't know that I have been perfectly reasonable about the whole Twilight thing. I don't read the books when I am sleeping. Oh, or when I am driving or showering...So to say that I am addicted, well you are just way off

When I first joined Twitter, it wouldn't let me add my phone number. Now it does, so I am ready. I even sent my first text via text messaging this morning. However, if you can send messages, shouldn't you be able to get them on your phone from other people. How do you do that? If it is even possible...I don't know. Not that I want David Slade to Twitter me...or new best friend...

I do want to say that I think it is a great way to speak to your fans. This way, you have a voice, instead of letting all the tabloids put words in your mouth. I think that gives most of us more sane fans what they really want. Not lies and innuendos and pics of you sitting drinking coffee. An occasional pic of your friends that sometimes happen to be someone else we might like to sit and drink coffee with.

So thanks to all those celebs who participate and give us our fix without all the trash of the tabloids...You are awesome. I especially enjoy, when one of our non twittering "celebs" give us a tweet from your

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