Saturday, September 19, 2009

"Teachers and Twilight"

I am not sure of the title for this particular "story". I guess I will start writing and it will come to me. First of all, just a note to let you all know...I am having way too much fun at school this year. I know that I am only a sub, but I only sub at one school and am there almost every day. The students know me and most love me as well as the teachers and the staff. But I guess I am really cheating as I get the good without all the junk.

Let me explain "junk" as best as I can. Since I really don't know what all the teachers have to do. I do know they have so much more to do besides "teach". They have tons of paperwork. They are responsible for every child that comes through their class. They have to answer for each and everyone of their failures as well as their successes. Not only are they responsible for 100 plus students, and keeping the school up to date, they have to answer to the parents of each one of these students. And while they are fighting to get each and everyone of these children through school, they don't always have the support of the parents. They have students that can't do enough for them, as well as the child who refuses to even bring a pencil to class.
Oh, also, they have to continue their own education throughout their careers. And if they should have their own families, how do they fit that into the day...
Thank you Teachers, I see now you are truly awesome and really way underpaid. I also see that most of you are here because your heart and soul is about loving and sharing and lifting these kids up. It is not about the money...

This is not what I am here to write about. I came here to talk about my new obsession. I know Twilight...but not even that, but the craziness of the paparazzi and the fans...and those that are so obsessed with Rob and Kristen.

I hate to admit that I have kids older than them. I have a Grand daughter almost as old as Kristen..."Ouch, That hurts"...But I feel for these kids... I know that they chose this life and it is in essence one of the "evil" rewards of the job. It is like, if you have a job and you are working and people love you...well that has to be the "Why" of doing this kind of work. But these kids started young and when they are in a movie like "Twilight", well it speaks volumes for them when they can tell it so well. And then they wake up and now someone is capturing every single second that they exist on camera...and sharing it with the world. They get no time to do have a bad day. And all the screaming girls after Rob...I guess I never understood that.

When the story is as good as this you can expect people to project themselves on to the characters in the movie and that get's lost with fiction of the character and the reality of the people portraying them on screen. And for these characters to come through to the screen, you know that the people that bring them there, have to believe and feel every moment of the story...So now you take two young people doing a grownup job trying to portray these characters, they have to become that character for a brief while..How could they not project themselves their feelings to the character and these characters project themselves on to the actors. I know this sounds weird, like a roller coaster. Right? Okay if you are still able to follow my insanity this far, listen a little longer. Most Actors do their job and have all they hype for the brief time...Then they move on and do other things...But these folks have to do this again 3 more times if the fans are lucky. All the craziness that was new to them is now getting old, and the 2nd movie isn't even out yet. They have signed on to do this again and again. They are now shooting the 3rd movie. I can only imagine they wish they could make the last one immediately and be done with that. Then they wish that all 3 movies come out within months of each other so that they can just get over with and move on...I cannot imagine having every moment of your life on camera can be pleasant...You could tell from interviews and things that Rob had said, that he was already so tired of the same old same old.

Now the craziest thing, is that we want the story to be real. In order for that to happen, our characters Rob and Kristen have got to live the story, right. They have to be in love too. What kind of expectation is that. I already think that they have to feel something like that when doing all the scenes together...But to expect it from them is crazy...And then like I said before..most actors are able to shoot, promote and then go on...And if they do have a relationship off screen as well, then if it isn't real, they will move on...You know like in the "Notebook". Our characters there fell in love as did the actors; Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams. Poor Ryan went through hell when they broke it off. My gosh how could he Noah do that do our Allie...

Rob and Kristen are so so young...and of course I love a great love story, and wish that they could have happily ever after... The odds are not in their favor. What are the odds? Oh no...I am going to do it...No, I won't...I am not going to quote the book here...but it is in the book "New Moon" on page 508. I am obsessed.

So here is to you Rob and Kristen....I wish you the best, and I wish that on the other side of all this craziness you are still friends and that what ever you choose you are happy. That life treats you well. I know it seems I am obsessed with you...Not really...I just want to see the movies now...and I hope that you continue to make my "Twilight World" enjoyable...I don't care to see you standing on the corner pumping gas in your car, or sharing go away paparazzi. I just want to see the taping of the movies and the trailers and the behind the scenes...And as always...I want to see you all enjoying it to the rides end and you get off the roller coaster in one piece. Oh...and if you by some miracle chance see this blog and want to make just one wish of mine come true...I would love to play dress up and walk the red carpet some day ....Just have someone ask me..."Whose dress are you wearing?"

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