Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I told you I'd be back

Well you see,  I have been talking with my friend Diane Chamberlain..Asking her questions about writing. She is so kind and patient and answers me. I listened to an interview with her the other day. She is such a delightful person. I love her. But she suggested to writer wantabees...Take some courses in composition to learn how to write. I have been thinking of that seriously. I know that they have creative writing classes at the votech. I also think they might have online classes. I know that Alicia and Shelly at the Jr. High would help me. I just have to ask. them. They are true teachers and have such a passion for teaching. I suppose they wouldn't mind if the person they were teaching was an old grandma that doesn't want to get old anymore. Or doesn't know what she wants to be when she grows up.

After visiting with Diane, reading how Stephenie Meyer and Stephen Kiing have characters yelling at them, I have decided I need to sleep in my recliner with a pen and paper in my hand. And all those thoughts that I hear all night. start jotting them down. Most of my dreams are about people I don't know. These could be the characters that I am suppose to write about. I know I told my counselor that sometimes when I shut my eyes, it is like "Showtime"...All these people that I don't know in my head doing things that are weird, or different. He said maybe I should write a book.. The thing is, I can never remember it the next day. And if I don't take something to help me stay asleep, I don't get any sleep. So what is the trade off. Well I figure that maybe for a while I am going to start listening and stop taking my meds and just see if I get those characters shouting stuff I should write. And start with some writing classes, Composition like Diane suggested and just see. Sometimes I have great ideas, but because I haven't taught myself all those thousands of words in our vocabulary that I need to know. Oh how I wish I had paid better attention. I so see the need to have the kids in my jr. high classes learn the vocabulary words. How do you teach yourself vocabulary words.  I mean, if you don't use them everyday, you forget them. Now I know that you can learn just about everything on the Internet now. I know sometimes I have trouble recalling a simple word that I do know and use. Is that just my old age. You would think that kind of stuff would come more easily the older you get..You know Practice makes perfect and all. And so I have been speaking and writing for 52 years now, so you would think that my vocabulary would be humongous. Alas. that is not so. The fact is, it has probably gotten smaller and smaller. .
Although I know that it is larger than some seventh and eighth graders. That is not saying very much. Sometimes I am amazed at how much they do not know. Words that they trip over, I am like What? Right now in Jr. High we are teaching 12 important words that everyone should know. Now let me see if I can remember some of them...
Infer- read between the lnes
Evaluate- Judge
Summarize- short version
I can''t remember them right now..I'll be right back....
Trace-list in steps
Analyze-break apart
Describe- tell about
Explain-tell how
Support-Back up with details
Contrast-How things are different
Compare-How things are the same
Predict-What will happen next
Okay, I am having trouble seeing the screen now...it is time to put this away and go to bed.
My eyes are crossing.... Who knows, maybe tonight will be the night that my Characteres jump out of my head and onto the paper,,,,

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