Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Another night

Well here we go again, me rambling and then me writing stuff here...It is 1 am in the morning and I need to go to bed. But first I have a few things to say as I finish watching today's episode of General Hospital. 

Less than 20 days now and I get to see my movie...Please just hang in there New Moon Cast... Rob and Kristen...Hang in there....I know you are in the spotlight ...maybe it will make the whole thing easier. Because it must be hard when you can't go out when you are simply working. But at least now that you are on the Promotional Circuit, you are working and getting out at the same time. I know.It isn't easy...but please don't give up on us that aren't completely out of our minds. That we know you were just doing your job. My daughter use to say....and it was true for her..She didn't cry in movies. Because the job of the actors was to make us cry...They get paid to make us cry. When she had kids, she did get more emotional. and she does cry in Movies now. And she is my partner in all this Twilight craziness. 

I just hope that the kids can hang in there until it is all done...They have the rest of their lives to get back to normal...It will go back to normal..guys..hang in there... 

Well gotta go...another problem is brewing..see you all later.

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