Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

Well today was my first ever Backwards Birthday. Why didn't I think of this before? I think I am beginning a pattern here. Writing once a month. Not a great thing is it?

My husband Mike, is in the hospital. He has had his one millionth hernia repair surgery. Of course I am exaggerating, but it is over 20 and less than 30. I hope that this is the last one. I should be writing on my project for pay or on my book, but neither is getting done tonight. Way too much time spent on Facebook and Twitter. I haven't even checked my main email account. geesh. Oh well, I will do that tomorrow.

 On the Writer's Digest Facebook page, I wrote that when I write to just babble, it is much easier than working. Because then of course it is work. And when I am trying to "work", I become the most popular person in the house. MOM, DEAR, or my phone ringing...Come Hither and take care of me. It is as if I don't have anything else to do as I am playing on the computer..that 's all. Hmmm..well I have to say I am just as guilty. When I am suppose to be working, I can think of a jillion and one things I need to be doing.

Speaking of the Writer's Digest, I found them from a suggestion on Twitter. I found some very good information and articles to help me with my writing.  I can use all the information I can get my hands on. My next goal is to take a writing class of some kind. One class a semester. I need direction in my composition. You know all the stuff we learned in school, but if you don't use it, you loose it. I know that I have for sure. When I am lucky enough to be in a classroom with a real teacher, I take that opportunity to learn and participate in the classroom. I know it is only junior high level, but it helps. And sometimes I feel great when I can remember. The classroom I dread in junior high is the math classes. Ask me how to add, subtract, multiply or divide and I am there. Ask me about equations and all that other stuff....I am NOT there.
 I usually have the students help each other or I look the answers up in the book.

Okay, I have written a little today, so I am outta here. It is midnight, and I need to do some laundry before I hit the hay. And my birthday is over until next year. 50 Here I

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