Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Strange Day

Writing everyday is very important. And if you write it in a blog, you are sort of held accountable.So I figure I would just write about a funny thing that happen today

This was a very interesting day in it's own way. At about 8:00 this morning, Mike called from the hospital. He wanted to know if we borrowed a travel trailer or camper. What? No, Dear, I don't think so. When? He said that he just thought we had. Hmmm Can you say Morphine talking? Later in the day, He said, "You know that medicine you take?" Yes. "You know what I am talking about?" Yes. "Well how do you make the pictures clear?" Hmmm, we were watching TV sort of, I was trying to find something on. I realized he was being weird again. I answered "The remote?" He said, "How does that work?"  Well on channel 31, it is TNT. He was sort satisfied with that answer. So he drifted back to sleep. Lyssa, my daughter called and asked if I wanted to get out of there for a while. She came by and picked me up. I was back in about an hour.

This time it was even more elaborate and colorful. He said "You missed the police coming in." What? While I was gone? "Yes, they were here being loud and I told them to be quiet. Who?  The police came and arrested them. "Who?" "You know, Crystal, BJ and Vincent.  Now we need to go and get our things." What things? They took something of ours? What?""Well, they took it, and we need to pick it up." What?" My cell phone and our marijuana." WHAT. WE don't have marijuana. We don't do drugs! Okay, I am trying to go along without laughing. I just said "Well Dear, there is your phone." He looked at it. "And we don't Have Drugs". He said "Oh yeah I guess they didn't get anything of ours."
Now the people he was talking about were kids of a friend of ours. They are all thieves and druggies. But he really likes his friend and so we tolerate the kids. Actually Mike thinks he can save them. Then he tells me "We could go over there" WHERE? But I played along. "I don't think Dr.Carey will let you leave the hospital yet." He said "No, but you could go." I am not sure where I am going or why, but I said "Okay". This went on and on. He called another one of our friends and ask him if he was there and a part of it. He told Mike no. He didn't know anything. I sent him a text a few minutes later to tell him it was the good drugs that Mike was getting.

After that, I gave him another sponge bath and his supper came in as well as his doctor. After the doctor left, I went down and ask him if was getting rid of the morphine. Yes. I let him know that was great since he didn't know how dangerous it was for us there. That the police had been here and things had been real dicey.

This is my funny story today. Now I know that Morphine and other drugs can do that to people. But it seems he has been on it for a week, and it just now started making him talk like a crazy man. He had been sleeping non stop, but the dreams were staying away. I do hope that it was the drugs and not the lack of oxygen. His oxygen levels had been down and they had to almost resuscitate him that first night. I am hoping that there wasn't any brain damage. He may be angry that we told the doctor to get rid of that pain pump. I don't want him to be in pain. His lungs are not in the best shape and he really needs to be up and walking. That pain pump was not letting him wake up well enough for that. I hope that they don't let him come home until Wednesday.

We have been married almost 36 years and I cannot imagine life without him. I truly hope he never has to suffer this again. We had one of the most incredible vacations ever this summer. We returned home the Sunday before he had this surgery. I thanked him for a wondrous time, I hope he realizes how much I loved it. How much I love our life together. It isn't perfect, but is anything perfect. In our marriage, we have had beautiful times and oh so horrible times. Somehow through everything we continue to come out on the other side.

Get well my Husband, my friend. I have many more memories I need to make with you.

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