Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas in our Pockets

Christmas time for some is not the happy merry occasion that movies are made of. But for the rest of us, we can't get enough. Every year we start with the idea that everything will be perfect. That this year, Martha Stewart will be jealous of all our efforts. Our house will be the exact replica of the "Better Homes And Garden" holiday edition. Of course unless we are a Martha Stewart Clone or we can afford to hire one, our ambitions might fall a little short.

Every year people complain that Christmas is so commercialized and it is taking away from the true meaning of Christmas. But every year when they role out the decorations in late September, early October we all start browsing the shelves. Why? Well I believe it is because that we are searching for all the warm fuzzy feelings that Christmas brings us. Christmas seems to bring out the good and selflessness of our human nature. We spend most of the year thinking of and trying to make ends meet. Trying to get through this life the best we can. We get so wound up in working, carpooling, little league, soccer, school and payday to payday...we forget all about faith and caring.

Christmas cheer and love seems to see no boundaries. People caring about each other in way they don't the rest of the year. They have faith that nothing is impossible. Reaching out and giving a piece of themselves, sharing love and bounty. This is the time we know that the Gift of Giving is a blessing in itself.  Oh how good it feels to give. I think about this every year. If we all carried a little bit of Christmas in our pockets all year long, how much better would our lives be. The blessings we receive by giving could be had all year long.

God gave us his son on Christmas Day. A baby child that would be a King.What makes it even more special, is that he knew he would give his life for us. God knew that giving from the heart was a blessing. My Christmas wish this year...That we all put a piece of Christmas in our pockets and feel that magic all year long. Let's remember that God's love is contagious and when we start sharing it, it spreads.

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SouthShore Chick said...

Refreshing - Inspiring and most of all, Heart-felt. I love it!

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