Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another Autisc Gson Story

Just wanted to give you a heads up about a new product I came across. Funny how things work out.My last post was about my new job as a freelancer for working at home. I came across a job opening creating and helping promote a kid safety device. I was excited as you know I have 4 autistic grandchildren.

Our Noah is a "runner". In Autistic talk, that means that he will take off unnoticed and just walk or run whichever way he wants to go. He wandered out of my sons home when he was 4. My daughter inlaw was in school and my son had the boys. He had 2 of them playing a video game and Noah was laying on his bed watching tv. My son was on the phone with his work. He was a GM for Taco Bell at that time. When he was not at work, he was on phone with his employees who were at work. When the Police walked in the open front door without knocking.
They had Noah. He had walked about 1/2 mile and someone had called the police. My son and his wife were devastated. They had to talk to Department of Human Services, and the police. That is when locks and double locks were installed.

Another time at school, the kids were on recess right before they were to go home. When Wendy went to school to pick up the kids, she had to wait and wait before they brought out the boys. She noticed the police were there, but she didn't think anything about it. When the teacher brought out Noah, she explained that Noah had got away from them at recess. She said that he had gotten pretty far when they caught him. It wasn't until she got home and found a message from the Police Department that she realized they had called the police and the police had found him. By this time the school faculty were gone and she had to wait until the next day to find out what happened. I could go on and on, but I won't ...Not today :)!!
Yes I will, as My son and his family came for supper today, and Noah had made another run for it when he got home from school. Wendy was doing homework, my son was watching tv and Noah was suppose to be in the back yard. Well we have a routine now as you can imagine that we are constantly putting eyes on Noah. He was gone..When that happens everyone even his brothers start looking. Noah had gotten out the front door and was at the end of their Cul de sac standing with some older boys that were playing basketball. We had a good outcome this time.

Back to the product...it is called Kiddo Kidkeeper. Can you imagine the panic that these parents feel when they lose a child. It can happen in a matter of seconds. Even at home when you relax for two seconds. Kiddo Kidkeeper is an alarm that can prevent the unthinkable from happening.
It is an alarm that consists of a receiver and transmitter. Each receiver can be programmed for 4 different transmitters each with their own distinct beeps. And you can program them for short distances (
6.5-13 feet) or long distances (13.12-26.25 feet).
Another scary thing for us, is that we have a pool and our Noah is a fish....These alarms are waterproof, and they will go off if they come in contact with water. How is Awsome is that????
I know that we need one... I think that will be Miss Wendy's birthday gift this year...hmmm.Early..as her birthday isn't until Dec...Oh but wait, my son will be 29 on April 19th...I urge you to visit the website http://www.kiddo-safety.com/ and read about it.

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