Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Odesk...My new job

I don't know if I mentioned a new online job that I have started. It is a Freelancer type program that puts providers (that's me) and buyers (that is my employers) together and takes care of taking care of our time, our qualifications and so forth. That allows me to go to one place to look for jobs, the buyers a place to choose employees. The way it works, is I put out there my qualifications, take test that Odesk prepares that will give the buyers an idea of what our qualifications are, and I build a profile. There is where I list my required wage per hour. Then Odesk will receive 10% of that from the buyer. So I list 6.00 an hour; Odesk receives .60 an hour of that.
I know this sounds a lot like rambling... Just wanted to let you all know that I have found something that will let me continue to work when my school gig is over :)
If you ever thought about working for your self on line...That means in your pajamas!!! You should check them out. There is jobs for everything from Web Design to Virtual Personal Assistant and Data input..Check it out!!!!

I actually wrote content for a web site...Whoo Hooo!!I got paid writing..I always wanted to be a "Writer"...

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