Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Spring

I am so glad that the calendar finally says it is spring. You know if you have spring like weather and it is still winter, you know that it won't last...if you have spring like weather in spring, you know that winter will only tease us a little...Does that make sense.
I do have to say that since I got my safe, I have enough meds to get through the month and my pain levels are not out of control. I still have plenty enough pain, however, it is manageable when you have the medicine you need.

My grand kids are still the light of my life. You know that 4 of my gsons have some form of autism, from very severe to very high functioning. One of the things about them is that they are so very literal and do not understand sometimes how we say one thing and mean something else.
I do know that they learn a lot about history in elementary school and the presidents are given a lot of time.
My daughter in law told a story of her oldest son...Ryan who is very high functioning. He was talking to her belly as she is pregnant and he was being so sweet. He told her, "Mom, I remember when I was in your belly. Jesus created me and put me there." And she said "Yes Ryan that is right" Then with out missing a beat he said with a lot of emphasis." And President Lincoln set me free!!"
You have to love kids. They are so special..One more gkid story...Wendy was bathing all 4 of the boys and they kept asking her, "Where are we going? To Grandmas? NO we are not going any where, and then it became a game...They ask her were they going to Outer Space???and the 2 year old said...NO we can't go to outer space Ashton, Mom doesn't have her space suit! and then Ashton who is 5 got so angry, like it was his mom's fault they couldn't go to outerspace.

Oh sorry about the gkid storys, but they are what makes life so special...

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