Monday, September 8, 2008

Getting to know me!`

Okay, My name is Cindy...and I have 3 children and 2 children that have married my daughter inlaw and son inlaw. I have 7 amazing grandchildren. The oldest is one of my two granddaughters. Anna is 12 and is way too smart and beautiful. Her Brother is Billy Michael and he is autistic. He is 9 years old and way smart also. We call him a Walking encylopedia. Katie is his baby sister and we call her the Queen is very bossy and yet wonderful in every way.
My son has four boys. Ryan is the oldest. He has Autism. We call him a genius or McGuyver...He will be 8 in about a month. His brother Noah is 6. He is low functioning autistic, but he is so special and sweet. Ashton is 5 and he is my birthday boy. We celebrate our birthday on Aug 22nd...He has autism as well...Brody is our baby. He just turned two. He shows no signs of autism. He has been a blessing.
I am including a video that my Daughter inlaw made about her boys...Get the Tissues...You may have seen it as it has been around the web...

Autism is not a one dimensional disease and there are no cookie cutter dx's. It is like a child walks into an Autism store and picks his symptoms from the shelf. No two children are alike. And while we don't understand why, we understand they have needs that are unlike any others.
I hope that you all read as much as you can about autism. Don't assume every child that has it is "Rain Man". I have learned so much.
I will try and convey as much of that knowledge through my blog.
I have some wonderful children and grand children and my life is so blessed.

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