Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's Hump Day

You know when you are amongst the working folks, Hump day is very important...but when you are on SSDI...There is only one Hump Day that I care about and that is the 4th one of the month.
Whoo Hooo That would be today.
I swear I am so broke and even when we get paid, I am still broke. This SSDI is for the birds. I am so ready to get back to work...

I think I am going through Poor Me syndrome again. I so want to be able to work to buy stuff I want...and go places and even though my head says...You go Girl...My body probably will not let me.
I do go tomorrow...Hooray ...for a workshop so that I can substitute teach.
That will pay me 45.00 a day and it let's me work when I can or when I feel like it.
As long as I don't make over 7 or 8 hundred dollars a month, I will not lose my benefits.

I go to the Pain Management Clinic for the first time on October 3. I am a little nervous about that. I just can't seem to get my pain under control and my Rhuematologist says that the PM doctors have more ways to help.
I do not want to be a zombie, but on the other hand, I also am afraid they will take away my meds that I already get.

The FM pain has been worse, the Arthritis pain has been worse. Yesterday I had alot of inflammation in my finger joints...I also felt very flu eeee...
No temperature, but I felt like it.
Do any of you have severe OA that goes along with the FM..You know it is like you don't know where one ends and the other begins...
So when you go to the Doctor, they look at you like you are crazy...I know that Dr. Willis understands, but his PA..not so much. She is young and has not seen as many patients with both I think.
So she thinks like a text book. And I don't think she looks outside the box. She sees and hears your first complaint. So when you see her, you don't know what to say.
I try very hard not to see her. She is not unkind, she is just ignorant of the fact.
His old PA was an older man and he really understood me.

Well enough whining for me.
I have alot to say about the Economy and the governments part in it all, but this will wait until later.
Hope everyone enjoys their Hump Day...

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