Sunday, September 28, 2008

Good Evening and Sara Palin

I have been out of town this weekend, and I missed an interview with Sarah Palin by Katie Couric. Now let me start out by saying I have always liked Katie. But after reading the transcripts of this interview, I am extremely dissapointed.
It was almost like Katie was setting her up with questions that she could then twist her answers around and confuse Sara. I read one portion of the interview and then read comments made by viewers and readers. They were saying she was bullied by Katie... I didn't see that, so I went back and read some more...Yes! She was being bullied. I was very disappointed.

Because she is not a world traveler, does that mean she can't have an understanding of Foreign Policy?How many foreign countries do you have to visit to become qualified? Is one enough or do you have to have a card punched and filled like a Value Customer or something? Would Condeleza Rice have enough punches to be that?

Some say the idea of her as President is scary...No to me, what would be scary is Nancy Pelosi as President. Barack Obama as President, Or Joe Biden.

And another thing that really gets under my skin. How can she be a President and still care for her young Children???? Well isn't that a little bit sexist. How can a man have young children and still be president. And Oh...she can't take care of her own family....Everyday in this country, Mothers and Fathers face the same issues with their own children. Unless you are with your child 24 hrs a day, in the same room, you can only hope that they will use all the things you have taught them. That they will make the right choices.
Of course you have an idea about your children that they are smarter and will make better choices than you did, but they are after all humans that God gave a free will and no matter how guarded they are, they will make their own mistakes.

I sure wish I could articulate better...

See you again tomorrow... and I will give you a report of my long weekend and stuff...

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