Monday, September 8, 2008

I really need to rename Cindy's Thoughts

I really need to rename my Blog..while Fibromyalgia is an important part of my life..Darn is not the only thing..
The other day I was thinking of what I think about different general and wrote down some stuff to blog about...
Hmmm if I could only find the list.
I guess today I will write about my party's nominated VP....Sara Palin. WOW...Did McCain hit it out of the park or what!!!!
A Woman in politics that have small children at home and one that is special needs.
We have to get her into office.

People will say ..."Well what about Hillary???? I never respected Hillary. You know how some times you meet a person and something about them just rubs you the wrong way...and I kept thinking well...maybe I am just being too hard on her...but that feeling just never went away. And suddenly they had to move from the House on the Hill..
The Clintons lived in Arkansas. That was their home, but when their term was over...Hillary went State shopping. I would think that you would want to go home and do something for the people that got you started in the political ring.
And when it got time to start the election machine, her and several other's...said WE made a mistake by supporting this war...WHAT????You got the same intel as the Prez and every other person in Senate and House....So now you are telling the soldiers of this country they are wrong to be where they are. This is just my spin, but it makes me so angry that they stand up now and LIE so they will win an election.
Also another thing that just really makes me angry...When the Prez asked for more money for OUR SOLDIERS....there were certain members of our government that held our soldiers hostage. Only voting to support them if certain things were promised to their own state....Hanging our family members out to dry so to speak.

Now if I get any hate mail on this, just let me say right up front I WILL NOT engage in an argument about this. I gave my opinion and you can give yours...but don't expect me to turn this into a "war". I don't fight well and I don't articulate well and I just won't do it...

Hope everyone has a great day....

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